The Bayley Produce story

Kevin and Karen bought their first summerfruit orchard in Hawke’s Bay on Nicholl Road in 1990. Over the following years, their passion for growing and harvesting produce for both the local and export markets saw them purchase additional land in Twyford and surrounding Hastings areas.

The list of produce grown and harvested by the Bayley family continues to grow but current crops include iconic Hawke’s Bay summerfruit, pip fruit, strawberries, melons, sweetcorn, beans and peas. All Bayley Produce crops are grown, harvested and packed by our experienced team of individuals unified by the common goal of growing and harvesting high-quality produce.

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Our Mission

From the orchard and field to our consumer’s plate, we are committed to the entire journey growing and harvesting high-quality produce, exceeding consumer’s expectations.

We believe it is our responsibility to not only value our fertile soils and aquifers but ensure they are unspoiled for Hawke’s Bay’s future generations.

Our Vision

In every aspect of our business, our core values are reinforced, allowing us to continuously grow and harvest Hawke’s Bay’s finest produce.

  • Teamwork:
    We are a group of diverse individuals unified by the common goal of growing and harvesting high-quality produce.
  • Honesty:
    We maintain a high level of integrity from the day we plant the seed to the day we harvest and pack our crops.
  • Communication:
    We believe good communication is an essential tool in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships.
  • Respect:
    Not only do we respect the environment in which we grow, we show respect to everyone who interacts with us and contributes to our business.
  • Recognition:
    We celebrate the small successes as a team that allows us to achieve big things in the industry.

Meet the team at Bayley Produce

Our team are always keen to talk horticulture and produce with those who are interested.

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